Rapid Calcium delivery old

Unique Calcium Delivery:

  • More Calcium
  • The Cow Start Ca bolus delivers 65g of Calcium, 50% more than other Calcium boluses
  • Quick and Slow Release
  • Both Calcium sources in the Cow Start Ca bolus have been shown to rapidly increase blood calcium levels, within 30mins
  • The cow Start Ca bolus has a unique combination of 2 quick release Calcium Sources – Seaweed derived Calcium* and Calcium Chloride^ And also a sustained release Ca source – Seaweed derived Calcium*
  • Enhanced Calcium bioavailability
  • Magnesium plays a critical role in the cows hormonal response to low blood calcium status
  • The Cow Start Calcium bolus also contains 4g of a highly bioavailable Magnesium# source that works to enhance the bioavailability of the Calcium to the cow