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On Farm Research

The results of recent on-farm research trials are highlighted below*

Cow Numbers
Control51Cow Start 52
Metabolic IssuesControlCow Start
Retained Placenta20
LDA (Left Displaced Abomasum)00

Health TestingControlCow StartP-Value
BHBA d140.650.46<0.0001
BHBA d210.690.46<0.0001
BHBA Overall 0.670.46<0.0001
Metricheck Score 0.730.79NS

Milk ProductionControlCow StartP-Value
Milk Volume (kg) 28.629.2NS
Fat (kg)1.491.54NS
Protein (kg).991.02NS
Fat and Protein (kg)2.492.55NS

Trial carried out in Spring 2018
3 Irish spring calving herds
Average herd size 340 cows

*Full research whitepaper is available upon request

Calcium Source Research

The calcium in the Cow Start Calcium bolus comes from 2 proven calcium sources; Calcium Chloride as a rapid release calcium source and seaweed derived calcium which provides rapidly available calcium and a more sustained release at the intestine to give the cow the ideal profile of calcium release over 12 hours. The Cow Start Calcium bolus uniquely offers two rapidly available calcium sources.

Calcium Research Charts